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About Us

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Our History

Dennis Southam & Associates have a well-documented history spanning over 30 years. As a result, DSA now has a reputation as a global leader within corrosion protection and management. Constant involvement in projects all over the world have seen the company practice, develop and improve the application and testing of GRP, FRP and GRE composite products. These days the team are the first point of contact for many specialised engineering projects.

Our People

Dedicated engineers and project managers make up the team at Dennis Southam & Associates. These team members have years of experience with composite products across multiple different industries. Our history and drive maintain our engineering solutions are performed with the highest level of expertise, precision and technical data. 

Dennis Southam - Dennis Southam & Associates About Us

Dennis Southam

Principal Engineer

Dennis Southam is the Principal Engineer of DSA. His decorated career has seen him become a leading expert in the corrosion protection industry. Dennis has presented at engineering conferences worldwide and guided many regulations for composite engineering. He specialises in chemical resistant fibreglass reinforced plastics and is involved in equipment design, design calculations, and preparation & review of technical specifications. Other responsibilities involve tender evaluation, quality control/inspection, material selection or recommendation as well as in house training, advice and seminars. Dennis is a Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia as well as a Chartered Professional Engineer (Ret.). His experience and knowledge are crucial to the DSA team and make Dennis one of the top industry leaders worldwide.

Paul Figallo - Dennis Southam & Associates About Us

Paul Figallo

Group Executive Manager

Paul has a history with the Novafast Holdings group of companies dating back to 1999. Since then, he has vast experience in overviewing, managing and developing complex projects. He has worked on, and directed projects exceeding $50m and specialises in the management and coordination of all business aspects for DSA. His role as Group Executive Manager extends to Novafast and Basetec Services and has seen him execute work for many industry-leading companies.

Tom Murphy - Dennis Southam & Associates About Us

Tom Murphy

Senior Design Engineer

Tom has studied Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at The University of Adelaide, graduating with honours at the close of 2011. Since then, he has worked as a project engineer for the manufacture and supply of GRP piping to the Ichthys Combined Cycle Power Plant project in Darwin, NT before moving into consulting for GRP products. In consulting, Tom is involved in both the design of GRP equipment and the inspection and failure analysis of GRP tanks and vessels.