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Dennis Southam & Associates offers total turnkey project management for composite projects. DSA can provide project management assistance from project inception to commissioning, including design, procurement, manufacturing, transport, and installation.

DSA’s engagement in any composite project ideally begins early in the process, with a review of the project requirements and the technical specification distributed to potential suppliers. DSA’s support continues throughout the design and fabrication phase of the project with design reviews and manufacturing surveillance, with the project seen through to installation commissioning and final documentation.

Our team of project managers understand the process. Breaking the stages down into four different stages makes the overall process more manageable.

Stage 1: Design
The design stage is key to ensuring the project meets all regulations. Starting with the concept, we define the needs, goals and objectives. Next comes design development; this is where it starts to get more technical. Variants such as size, materials, plans and fittings are all considered to provide the best solution. Once this stage is complete final drawing and construction specs will be finalised for use throughout the project’s remainder.

Stage 2: Pre-construction
Pre-construction starts with finding suitable personnel. In this stage, we plan who will be executing the project. Planning for materials, deliveries, and equipment is crucial in ensuring there are no delays to the project. The site is investigated to flag any environmental and construction issues which may arise.

Stage 3: Procurement
The procurement stage is the next essential step in making sure materials and equipment are purchased and ready for the next step. Purchase orders assigned as an agreement between the buyer and seller.

Stage 4: Construction
Finally, after detailed engineering and planning, it is time for construction to begin. This stage starts with a pre-construction meeting to determine site access, quality control, and equipment and materials storage. Once completed, it is time for construction to begin. Progress is monitored and reported to keep track of progress and notify of any potential delays.