Advanced Engineering Solutions

Dennis Southam & Associates have a history of delivering advanced engineering solutions for over 30 years. Through those years, DSA has built its reputation on serving a market that demands the highest level of expertise. Our engineering team provide precision and reliability to any project. We offer clients advanced designs and solutions, specialising in areas of high corrosion. Our knowledge of GRP, FRP and GRE products are second to none.

Composite materials are an excellent option for many applications. Steel and other exotic metals can be expensive, high maintenance or inefficient. GRP, FRP and GRE products can be custom designed for many applications. Other benefits include being low cost, easy installation and low maintenance. GRP, FRP and GRE composites are commonly applied in applications such as:

  • Corrosive chemical storage tanks
  • Process piping
  • Ducting
  • Water pipelines
  • Pressure vessels
  • Scrubber vessels
  • Vent stacks
  • Odour covers
  • Filtration vessels
  • Buried fuel tanks
  • Buried pump stations
  • Oil and gas pipelines


Our reputation in detail and reliability offers clients peace of mind. Dennis Southam & Associates are certified to ISO 9001. We are also proud members of Composites Australia and Engineers Australia. Through these DSA provides quality services to industry leaders.

Dennis Southam & Associates Oil & Gas Pipeline - Industries
Oil & Gas

Oil & gas extraction uses processes involving aggressive chemicals. Specialised solutions are required to prevent corrosion of systems.

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Mining stress analysis design for advanced engineering - Industries

DSA uses expert analysis when designing Mining systems. These systems are commonly used for dredging, refineries, cooling water systems and more.

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DSA water system engineering design - Industries

DSA designs and engineer solutions for water. These include transporting, holding, or processing. Products can be designed for use with potable water.

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DSA Energy Engineering Services - Industries
Industrial Energy

The energy sector demands reliability. DSA’s quality engineering guarantees the best for clients assets.

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Dennis Southam & Associates Project Management for advanced engineering
Project Management

Our project management service has our engineers oversee projects from start to finish. This management system gives clients a single point of contact for project execution.

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DSA FRP GRE GRP GRVE composite design services for advanced engineering
Detailed Design

Innovative design solutions are created using an array of design methodologies. This approach sees unique solutions to the most complex situations.

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DSA composite pipeline engineering

By using our extensive knowledge of engineering procedures, our services will add value to your project.

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DSA Specification Development - Specification & Development

Dennis Southam & Associates offer a large range of services that cover many aspects of projects. Our team offers a wide range of engineering solutions.

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